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Are you ready to lose the stress and overwhelm and become laser focused and highly productive?

the GET IT DONE Methodology is exactly what you have been looking for. 


is the art of stress-free productivity and has helped thousands of people around the world gain confidence as they overcome overwhelm and procrastination and reached their full potential. 


The truth...

You are not going to set yourself free by trying yet another planner or app, and you know you have already invested too much time and energy in those solurions hoping that they could help you...but they haven't.


It is TIME.

Time to GET IT DONE, once and for all. I have created an entirely new and innovative program that will stop your procrastination, end the overwhelm and reduce your stress.

This will enable you to take back your power (and time) and replace the cycle of inaction, guilt, fear, and underperformance, with pride, achievement, and fulfilment. 


Resulting in you reaching your potential faster than ever before and with EASE! 

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Join me in our free LIVE masterclass

17 September 2022, Saturday, 10AM ET



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Kirsten Franklin is a world class transformation coach who specializes in working with individuals who may be seen as being at the top of their game, but feel as if they have even more to offer and achieve. She has worked with top tier big 4 accounting executives, law partners, former NFL players, NBA players, real estate executives and countless business owners and entrepreneurs. She is even known to be a coach to other top coaches.

Kirsten is on a mission to help millions of people actualize their highest potential and live life by their design.  She teaches her highly specialized MVP System to hundreds each year. She achieves this mission through her work as a life & business coach, speaker, author and board member.  In her practice she leverages evidenced-based scientific techniques that allow her clients to breakthrough any barriers so that they can achieve any goal they have set for themselves in business and life.

Kirsten received her J.D. from St. John's University School of Law in 2001 and has studied behavioral science, positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness, neuro-science and quantum science.  She is also well versed in DISC analysis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and is certified by Anthony (Tony) Robbins' & Cloe Madanes' School for Strategic Intervention.

Kirsten is always interested in hearing from individuals or companies that are looking to breakthrough their glass ceilings and grow.


sign up for the free LIVE masterclass

17 September 2022, Saturday, 10AM ET

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