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Do you walk around wondering why others seem to have figured life out but yours is still on some roller coaster ride full of ups and downs?

Are you tired of feeling like life is F’ing with you? 

Do you want to truly learn how to become unfuckwithable, feeling less stress, super confident and truly loving yourself?

Do you want other people’s negativity to stop having an effect on you?

Do you want to stop the broken record playing in your subconscious that repeatedly tells you that you can't, you aren't good enough, you are an imposter, or the life you want simply is not going to happen for you?

Do you want to feel empowered, like the unlimited being that you were meant to be?

If the answer is, “yes” to any of the above, let Kirsten Franklin help you become unfuckwithable!

Read this book if you want to learn how to kick your subconscious’ ass and finally lead the life you’ve always dreamed of

Learn how to break through the bullshit of your subconscious mind and reprogram it.


Make use of the detailed practices that have been outlined in this book to effectively redesign your whole reality.

Learn the different ways in which you can change your subconscious conditioning. Say goodbye to all of your self-imposed obstacles and start leading your dream life.

Let her help you become unfu@kwithable!

In Becoming Unfu@kwithable, Book 1, Franklin explains:

  1. What the Subconscious Mind is,

  2. How its ideas are formed,

  3. How it fucks with your interpretation of reality and holds you back, and

  4. How you can reprogram it so that you can live the life of your dreams.

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