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GET THE Right mindset, Systems and ASSISTANCE

You NEED to build your Dream life and scale your business 

You aren't going to earn a blackbelt by watching YouTube and reading free information.  If you are ready to achieve your next level, join me today for just $150.00 per month *cancel anytime

This is for you if you have consumed all the free content that you can get your hands on but you're still stuck. Free is only going to take you so far.

If you are new to coaching and want to see what all the fuss is about, subscribe now!  You will never find anything, anywhere at this price. 


4 LIVE WEEKLY COACHING SESSIONS FOR JUST $150/MO cancel anytime.  Even the cheapest coaches are at least $150 for each hour.

If you have been following a bunch of people giving you "How to" information and taking action but not getting anywhere, then more likely than not,  you don't fully understand your problem.  You have to fully understand the problem before implementing a solution.  If you don’t diagnose the problem first, you are like a doctor treating cancer with sugar pills and you could be doing more harm than good.  Subscribe to Coaching 365 to get a really clear picture on what might be preventing you from achieving success.

If you already know that no one does it on their own and you are ready to be mentored and coached and get it right the first time, subscribe now!

If you are looking to grow as a leader, subscribe now!

If you want to experience this exponential growth that all the gurus keep talking about, this is for you!

If you know that your business must be built on a solid foundation and that you must have total clarity in order to do so, then this is for you.

If you want to understand how to capitalize on current market conditions, this is for you!

If you want to learn how to build, real and profitable business(es) that you can leave for 30 consecutive days or more, this is for you


By joining coach Kirsten live each week, you will learn how to develop the mindset and processes that will propel you forward while you learn how to:


    Become highly productive,

    Create a successful NET revenue-producing business, 

    Build, grow and leverage your network,

    Get the time and money freedom you have always desired. 


CAVEAT: If you are someone who is waiting for things to happen instead of making things happen, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! 

This is for people who are looking to live a life of 10+ on a 10 scale.


The right Mindset, Vibration & Processes will produce exponential results and unstoppable growth!  Subscribe now to experience it for yourself!

Weekly Coaching for an Entire Year ($100,000.00)

Each week we will focus on different areas of building your mindset, creating the right vibration and developing the right processes so you can achieve your best life.  One of the benefits of live coaching, we get to go where you need to and you are not stuck with pre-recorded content.


For members who own or operate businesses, we will have a quarterly business review where we will  hot seat someone and take apart your business, identify the leaks .... live!  ~ Priceless!

Private Facebook Group for clients only 

Be a part of a small group of others who have worked with me and be supported by those on the same path as you.

This would normally cost $100,000.00

But because you took action and showed up when it wasn't easy, today we are charging only  $150 per month. You can cancel anytime.  Seats are limited and if we open this up to the general public the price will not be less than $300/month.

That is not a marketing ploy.  It is 100% True.  THIS PRICING IS ONLY FOR THRIVE TRIBE GLOBAL MEMBERS



K.Johnson Realtor/REI Business Owner

This group has helped my business tremendously. I have been able to gain focus and develop systems to produce consistent results. I am learning how to address my mindset, and work on the pain points to create/track positive change. I'm experienced in real estate, but [haden't] been able to get ahead and scale, like I dreamed. 

Having the weekly accountability has helped narrow my focus and get the business going in a promising direction. I now have a quality virtual assistant that has an actual process to work. [Within the first] 3 months, I noticed that I have saved valuable time and money by joining the group. I can already see that the networking opportunities and guidance is invaluable.


I feel like I've found my way out of a dead end that I was continuing to circle. This is the closest I've gotten to being able to accomplish my business goals. The program is definitely worth the investment and I'm excited to know that I still have time left to perfect my processes.

Jason P.

Business Owner (FL)

Kirsten helped me to overcome personal obstacles and gain the focus necessary that were critical to my success.   Within the first two months of working with Kirsten, my business’s income doubled... I cannot say enough positive things about Kirsten.

She is a rock star coach that genuinely cares about her clients and pours everything she has into helping them live the life of their dreams!

James M. Tax Executive (TX)

...It was the most impactful, thought-provoking, action-taking time in my professional life.


I feel after your coaching, that my potential is limitless ...Thank You for helping me discard those limitations.


My confidence is stronger than ever. My networking, public speaking, sales and planning skills are light years beyond what they used to be.

Maria P.

Business Owner (NJ)

Are you looking for ways to optimize your most important resources? Do you know what ‘Wendy Rhodes’ is to ‘AxeCap?’ That is Kirsten Franklin to your organization. If you want your people on board, in alignment, super productive and ready to kick butt; then you need Kirsten as your go-to ‘Wendy’ for your executive team.  She helped us hit a $5 Million evaluation in a short amount of time

Michael G

REI / Business Owner

When I came to Kirsten, had gotten so overwhelming that I actually got burned out and decided to call it quits.  Kirsten was like having someone through you a life jacket while you are about to drown.  She helped me to establish and automate a legitimate wholesaling business … in just 2 months!


Her approach of business development and mindset shift cover all the bases.  Coach Kirsten will get you where you want to go!

Steven A.

REI/Business Owner

Wow Kirsten Franklin rocked my world last week and after implementing her recommendation I can feel a change already!

Tom K.

Business Owner/US Real Estate Investor)

Bam! You guys can keep Tony Robbins, I'll always reach out to Kirsten Franklin!!

Taylor B

Founder/Fashion Start Up (CA)

Kirsten has been instrumental in helping me get back on track professionally. She not only helped me identify the mental blocks that were preventing me from moving forward, but she gave me the tools to make progress a permanent habit. Kirsten’s methods work—She successfully coached me back to productivity with purpose!

Paula C

Business Owner

Kirsten really helped me to breakthrough an obstacle I did not understand. I was having an irrational fear about talking to people on the phone… during the breakthrough session, less than 40 min long, I felt the burden being lifted almost instantly. There has been no more anxiety or bad feelings coming back.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Kirsten, and that she could help me to get past this.

T. H.


Something was holding me back to the point that I was fearful...I had been accustomed to anxiety my whole life.  Kirsten helps you get to the root cause of your fear...she gives you the foundation of what you'll need to move past those fears.  I was challenged on a new way of thinking that [the anxiety] could be stopped quicker than I thought. 


About Kirsten Franklin


Kirsten Franklin is a world-class transformation coach, author, speaker, founder and podcast host featured on NBC, CBS and Fox, who has worked with leaders from around the world. 


She is best known for getting rapid results for her clients.  Some clients may be seeking to improve productivity, some may seek to streamline business and increase profits and profit margins, some may simply feel stuck, while others may be in a period of transition.

She has worked with top tier Big 4 accounting executives, law partners, professional athletes, real estate investors and executives.  She has coached hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs.


If you seek rapid transformation in your business or life, she should be your go-to for success.

Kirsten herself turned a 16 hour work day into a four hour day when she was building her first highly successful business.  At the time she was a single mother of a 3 year old, working 16 hours day 5 days a week plus weekends.  Once she decided to put conscious effort and take action, within 60 days her 16 hour days were turned into 4 hour days, no more weekends.  She was making more money, working less and has since built several other successful business



What are the requirements to subscribe:

  1. You must be committed to making a change 

  2. You must be willing to actively participate

  3. You do not have to own a business, many start with just an idea or no idea at all

  4. You must be 18 years of age or older

  5. You can reside anywhere in the world

  6. You must follow GirlonFire or be a member of Facebook Group Thrive Tribe Global


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