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In one way or another you got here.  Maybe you are wishing your finances could improve or your job, your relationships or something else. 

Maybe you were looking for a way to learn more about the law of attraction or just wishing you felt better.

Welcome to from Broke to Woke.

This is a seven day journey where I teach you how to leverage the law of attraction to improve your life and get what you really want.

I also teach you what not to do and some of the missing pieces from other programs.

My name is Kirsten Franklin and I have been leveraging the law of attraction for over 12 years.  It has personally taken me from homeless to massive abundance in all areas of life. 

I teach this practice to all of my private clients who pay me $50,000/year just to work with me or $3,000/meeting.

And now, I am able to bring it to everyone, regardless of their current situation, I knew that those in the right vibration, asking for assistance, would get to me.  Now they can get to me and afford the service.

If you Join Now,

You will learn the Law of Attraction and how to use it to gain financial abundance.

You will learn step by step each day in less than 30 min a day

You will learn what not to do and what other programs tend to leave out.

The practices you learn can be applied to improve more than just your finances.

You can access a free group so can get your individual questions answered directly from the teacher, as well as learn from other's experiences. 

All for just $50.00

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