What can I do to prep for my 2019 New Years resolutions so they stick?

I go through a very specific goal setting process in October of the year before. I go through my life vision, I rate my Areas of Life. I get a clear picture of what is not working, what needs to change and how I will be changing it. ​ First, in order to make any change stick, you have to be willing to permanently change who you are. Not just for the next 90 days or until you lose those 15 lbs. Now if you are already feeling resistance to that idea of change, check in with yourself and find out why? ​ Second, you have to become the person who naturally does the thing you are looking to do and break through all the mental BS that is currently holding you back from simply being, doing, havi

What are the top 10 habits for success?

Great question. So many books out there today on these top ten millionaire success habits and all have great points. ​ Personally, I think the following are all necessary in order to have a non-reactive, balanced, easy going (not lazy, but meaning smoother clearer path) / "in the zone"/flow state way of achieving and reaching goals. ​ 1. Work on your mindset (subconscious mind) 2. Meditation - regularly engage in some type of meditative practice 3. Mindfulness - regularly engage mindfulness practices can help in trying to uncover your subconscious thoughts) 4. Heart - Mind aligning practices 5. regular physical activity (walking, yoga/stretching, anything) 6. Healthy eating for your specifi

What are the effective daily habits to get into in order to start a side hustle or small business

I would start by not calling it a side “hustle”. of course that depends upon how you define hustle. I define it as working hard and the feeling of busyness, over worked, etc. Know that your mindset, how you define and see everything makes all the difference. I have worked with over 200 entrepreneurs and small business owners in 2018 alone. I have helped them do everything from just get it off the ground to making it profitable and allowing them to quit their 9–5’s and doubling, tripling income and bringing one company to $5M and another company having it’s first $1M Month! This would be my advice. First, understand the specific amount of time you are able to dedicate to it. Second, get very

What can you do to form healthy habits?

Your habits are personal to you. So ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish. What healthy habits and why. If you are trying to lose weight because you think you husband will cheat on you, focus on the deeper issue at hand. If you are trying to get into peak physical state, why, like you want to run a marathon or just live a better daily life with more energy, etc. The reason matters, because the reason is part of your driving force. To remove, change or develop any habit, requires you to look at two things. Yourself and the habit cycle/loop to effectively change it. Start by understanding the new habit is not a temporary one but rather a life and lifestyle change. If you think of it a

How can you organize things so that you are less likely to multitask?

Only 2% of the population, according to an article in Psychology Today, can actually multi-task. This is defined as being able to complete two totally separate tasks at the same time error free. The rest of the 98% simply task-switch, which is a total waste of time. To have laser focus and stop task switching, there are several things you can do. Start by being organized and time-block. Set a specific amount of time on which you will engage in a singular activity. Remember your multi-tasking was a learned behavior and it will take time to "unlearn" it and it is really tough. I am still working on this. Sometimes, I even feel frustrated because I have gotten so good at the singular focus,

How has the fear of success stopped you from achieving your goals?

Everyone has fear. It is the brain’s natural function to create this emotion to protect your life and keep you alive. The only problem is that this mechanism was developed in the reptilian brain (developed back in caveman times) some times the fear is no longer relevant in this modern age. We have to look at our current reality, not our thoughts and emotions to see if the perceived fear is justified. While I may have some fears, a fear of success is not one of them. However, I have clients who have had this fear and it has stopped them in many ways. Whether they repeat the fear through making bad decisions, procrastinating, chasing shiny objects, getting side-tracked, quitting too soon and a

What approach to goal setting do people take in relation to their life?

If I understand the question correctly, are you asking how do people set life goals? If this is what you are asking, I work with my clients to first define themselves. Understanding why they even have it as a goal. Where does this ideal image come from? You, your family, religion, community, school, friends, movies, books, etc.? Then clarifying and testing the goal. Once that is done we map the goal by creating a strategy to reach that goal. A life goal might be to spend more time with friends. Why is this in alignment with how you define yourself? Why spending more time important for you? Maybe you have an ideal image that reflects your life being a 10 out of 10 when you see yourself spend

What can I do to end procrastination

So this is a commonly asked question. ​ Here is the short and quick bottom line. You procrastinate as a way for your brain to act in alignment with your subconscious "truth". ​ Let's say you are trying to start a business. Consciously, it is sooooo obvious that this is an easy start and clearly simple to succeed at. But subconsciously, you believe that it takes money to make money and that you are not a business person. ​ So as you progress, you end up losing time, energy and focus because of "shiny object syndrome." That then leads to a feeling of overwhelm and as if you have no idea where to start. That ultimately leads to feelings of inadequacy and procrastination. Now you take litt

Do you personally write your goals down on paper? If so, how does this help you?

Yes, I do. I look at them every day and write down the day /week or month goal every morning. It helps to maintain focus on the goal, the outcome. Reminds me I am only working on one action or small actions that get me to this greater goal. It helps me to ensure that every action I am taking for that day or week is on point to get me to that outcome and can help me see if I am now wandering off too far. I also get to visually see how it might play out by looking at my daily steps/tasks/ in my calendar.

Why are most people broke?

First, I am not sure that "most people" are broke. But if you are asking why broke people are broke as in financially struggling, some people just had something happen, like not being prepared for a global economic crash or losing their jobs. Most people stay broke or have a roller coaster ride pattern of making and losing money because of their belief system and exposure. They have a conscious or subconscious story most likely derived from their childhood exposure. Things like, “it takes money to make money” “money doesn’t grow on trees” “ya gotta work hard to make money” or “bad people are rich” “selfish people are rich” “it is for other people, not me” “money comes, money goes”…. I think

How can you overcome the habit of procrastinating things that are important for your goal?

Again, to beat a dead horse...it all starts in your head. I would get a clear picture of what and why you are doing whatever it is you are doing. Be clear on your Why. Why you are trying to achieve the goal you have set. And I mean your deepest why. Not because you want to do better for your family, or loved ones and not because you need to prove that you can to anyone other than yourself. If your reason why is not connected to you in a kind of selfish way, then you have not uncovered your deepest why your deepest motivator. For me, my deepest why is because I don’t want to be told, “No”. I think when I was younger people said no to me often, like “no I can’t do that with you right now” or

Do you find yourself to be stressed after going back to work after vacation?

I used to. That is why I no longer practice law. The type of law I practiced required long hours and tons of arguing…with everyone. So I quit. If you are going back to work stressed, ask yourself what is causing this stress? if it is simple because you know you will go back to a back log of work and have to play catch up, well that just might be part of the job, if you are unable to obtain assistance. If you are stressed for other reasons, like “ugghhh I have to face co workers, whom I do not like to be around” or “I hate my job and everything about it” I might take the time to dig deep and find out if there are other opportunities out there that could light up my day as opposed to drag me d

Is it possible to achieve the goal of not having a goal?

Not sure if this is a rhetorical question, but achieving the “goal of not having a goal” is a goal in and of itself. Whenever you desire any outcome, it is technically a goal. If you meant more like not setting written goals and mapping them out with specific in order to get what you want, then the answer is yes, people do this every day. But, if you want to be productive, waste less time and hit the target with precision, writing a goal down, being specific about what you want to achieve and mapping your path to achieving the goal helps.

We are 42 days into 2019. Have you kept all of your New Year's resolutions?

Yes, but I dont put too much stress on being 100%. Especially, if it is an entirely new habit or breaking a deeply engrained habit. ​ 1. Cut out all alcohol drinking = done 100% so far. 2. Cut out caffeine from coffee. 99% (I picked up diet coke on 4 occasions) 3. Increase exercise daily = done 90% there were a few days I had to stay in due to weather or my child being sick. I could have done yoga or worked out inside but I chose not to. 4. Increase my business income pursuant to my business goals and maps = executed about 80% on time. All but 1 of 3 avenues have been worked on. 5. Cut out adding table salt and eating refined sugar. Not really done. Haven't added salt so much but I did notic

If you achieved your personal goal in life did it make you happy or did you just find another goal?

The question in and of itself leads me to ask if you think that achieving a goal might, could, should or would bring happiness. Happiness comes from within. When we think, “when I achieve X, I will finally be happy" if that is the thought process then reaching the goal will always be lacking in satisfaction or the good feelings won't last long. But if the question is simply, you finally hit every life goal you wanted to, what did you do next? I have yet to achieve everything I have set out to achieve, and I know I will simply find new experiences to have. The world is vast and in this lifetime I could never do everything I want to. Also my life goals change every year as I level up on my vie

On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard are you really trying to achieve your goals each day?

In the sense of how on point am I trying to ensure that every action I take gets me closer to one of my major goals, a 10. If you are asking how hard as in how much stress, pressure strain, etc. probably around a 4. I try and set up habit changes so they can happen in an effortless way. I try to make them easy to accomplish and I work mostly on my mindset first, environment second. This makes it super easy to achieve to the extent I don't have to rely on people outside myself (i.e.business goals).

What is the best way to set financial goals with my spouse?

That depends. What is the purpose or end result you are hoping for, by involving your spouse? It might sound like an odd question, but there are couples that are on the same page and both interested in managing and understanding their finances. There can be couples where one has a great deal of interest and the other does not, and they are ok like this. There can be couples where one has an interest and the other doesn't and it deeply disturbs the interested party. There can be partners where neither wants to deal and it becomes painful for both to come to the table and figure it out. It could be a situation where your partner has poor spending habits and your goal in the meeting is to admon

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