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Taking this journey is like having the Ace up your sleeve.

This is an incredible journey for any and every start-up. Whether you have just come up with your idea or have been in business for a few years, this will ensure your foundation is built right.


You will learn what every single client of mine has had to learn, whether they were coming to me fresh out of the gate or they failed to grow or scale.

After working with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs, I have learned that there is a core foundation that every company needs and every business owner needs in order to achieve the success they seek.

This thrilling combination of daily video tutorials and weekly live coaching will get you and your business properly in gear one to ensure you can properly and easily shift gears, grow and scale.

You are busy. Maybe your are working a full-time job trying to start your side business that will take you out of your full time job. Maybe you have been at it for a while and while you love what you do, you simply created a new 9-5 job or worse, working more hours, with more stress and making less money or not having the time to spend the money you have finally made.

This course was specifically designed for you.

You will be delivered a short video each day where you will be required to think and take action.

At the end of the week, you will be able to discuss all things on the live coaching call. Did anything hold you back from taking action, did you achieve the specific step with ease, was something blocking your success, what feelings arose, what seemed complicated, do you need accountability, etc. You will get answers, live on the call and you have email access to ask any questions you have.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group where coaches, experts and other members can help you get past any blocks, get clarity on the steps and purpose and how to apply it to your real-world business.

In this 21 Day Program you will learn how to understand and master your mindset for business success and create the strategies you need for long and short term.  You will learn how to avoid the top reasons startups fail:



-Lack of Clarity,


-Wrong Habit/Routines,

-Failure to have written plans/strategies

-Improper Hiring

-Neglect Marketing/Sales

-Lack of Mentorship

-Poor Time Management

-Poor Company Management

This is for you if:

- You want to make sure you are building your company with a proper foundation, allowing you to grow and scale with ease and not have to come back to the beginning when you hire, fire and try to grow.

- You need to have that step by step instruction, lessening the feeling of information overload and confusion.

- You prefer a live component to your video courses, allowing you to ask any questions you have and get answers.

- You would like to build your network of like-minded tribesmen. You will have access to our Facebook Group and have the ability to meet and connect with the other people on the live coaching calls.

This is NOT for you if:

- If you are not prepared to take action. This entire program is about transformation. The transformation of you as a business owner and the transformation of your business.

- If you just want to learn more "theory" and sit back to see what happens. This program requires that you take action.

- If this is just going to be one more thing added to your vast video library of stuff on your “to do” list. Again, we want action takers and transformation makers.


Armida, FT employee and owner of a side- business in start-up mode.

               I wanted to learn how to scale and automate my business.

               My biggest hurdle was getting out of my own head and having the courage to believe in myself.

               This program helped me in so many ways.  I now have easy to use tools to help me get clarity and to                 overcome my fears.

               I now have a road map to keep my goals moving forward and in first position.

               I believe that everyone could benefit from this program as it helps you put things into perspective.                   The exercises really helped me to see where some of my fear where stemming and it also showed                     me how to put those fears in check.

               I believe that I got more than I had had originally imagined ...

Joshua, FT Real Estate Investor

               I wanted to get ahead in my business and knew that having a mentor would be key to my success.

               This program helped me overcome hurdles by teaching me a successful system to implement in my                   business and learning how successful people operate their businesses, what they do and how they                     do it. 

               I would recommend the program that I went through because it will help people start off their                           business on the best foot. You will get to know yourself and your own business even more and learn                how to start the most effective systems to making your business perform without you in the future. 

Please contact us if you have any questions:

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